May 2017

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Remember the first time you heard about Zillow?  I do.  A friend called and told me about this "cool" new site that gave you the value of any property.  I went to the site, put in my address and "poof" like magic I knew the value of my home.  Being nosy as I am on occasion, I put in the addresses of everyone I knew so I could see the values of their homes.  

Years later when I went into the real estate industry, I realized this "cool" site was really not so cool...values were not realistic or pertinent to the actual market.  Homeowners were being given either an overinflated or undervalued estimate of the value of their property.   It was frustrating to the homeowner and to the real estate professional.

So how does Zillow come up with

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"Spring is nature's way of saying, let's party! - Robin Williams

It is time to celebrate Spring this weekend.  After our brief hot spell, the weather promises to return to those moderate spring temperatures.  Lots going on in Yolo County this weekend, something for everyone:

Saturday May 6


8th Annual Tour de Cluck - Central Park, 401 C Street - 9:00 - 3:00 pm - Cost is $15 and benefits Davis Farm to School Programs

The Tour de Cluck is an educational bike tour of Davis offering the opportunity to see a variety of Davis backyard chicken coops, beehives, edible gardens and more.  The event starts at Central Park and participants will follow a marked bike route on a self guided tour.

Rose Days 2017 at UC Davis - 10:00 am -

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