Ready to Relocate to Davis?

Partner with us!

The Davis real estate market is competitive, fast and dynamic. Listings come on the market and are frequently sold within 24 hours.  When home inventory is moving that fast, you need someone local who is working at the center of the action!  That’s us!

 We will keep you from missing out on the house of your dreams davis victorian homebecause your out-of-area agent doesn’t have our intimate knowledge of the Davis home market. 

Make Our Advantages Yours!

  • We know the other players at the table.  We can help craft your offer to be acceptable without overpaying.  We know what a fair price is in the current Davis market. An out-of-town agent won’t have that advantage.
  • Our "team" of Davis area mortgage brokers, home inspectors, pest control services,  and home repair resources will make your transaction painless. We only recommend companies or individuals with a proven track record and the financial strength to stand behind their reports and services. 

We often work with out-of-area agents if a client has an existing relationship.  We compensate the agent for their consulting services through the referral process.

 If you are moving here from out of town, call, text, or e-mail us. We can show you the advantages of working with  experienced local agents. 

From Contact to Contract to Close, our goal is to provide exemplary service.