Davis Home Sellers “Smart Start" Checklist 

If you are a Davis area home owner thinking of selling your home, a well thought out strategy is the best way to achieve your goal successfully. If you are planning to put your home on the market this spring or summer, here’s our Smart Start Checklist to help you prepare for that day when the “For Sale" sign gets planted in the front yard of your Davis home. There’s a lot of preparation work to do, so it’s never too early to get started.

Here are ten things you can do to insure a faster, profitable home sale:

  •  Donate Debris - Do a walk through of your home and gather up your unwanted clothing, furniture, games, toys, etc.  Call a local charity and make a donation. The less crowded your rooms and closets, the more spacious and appealing the home will appear to prospective buyers.  In Davis, the easiest way to donate household goods is to go the SPCA Thrift Store at 920 Third Street in downtown Davis. They have a drop off area in the back where someone will take your donations and give you a receipt. It’s quick and easy.


  • Initiate an Inspection  - A home inspection report will alert you to any repair problems that you will want to fix before potential buyers scrutinize your property.


  • Tear into Repairs  - Even the smallest repairs take more time to finish than expected. Give yourself plenty of time, and little by little, you will have the house in tip-top condition.


  • Round up the Warranties – Buyers consider it a bonus to have an extended warranty on major components of the home. So check out which items have warranties that are still in effect. You can also consider purchasing a home warranty for the buyer. It covers most major repairs of the home during the first year after you sell it. Should there be a problem, the buyer of your home will be covered, after a small deductible. Home warranties run about $300-$400


  • Evaluate Exclusions – Do you plan to take the chandelier, refrigerator or backyard play set with you? Create a list of items you DO NOT plan to sell with the house. To protect you, these exclusions must appear in any contract language.


  • Curb Appeal – Take a look at your landscaping, does it need refreshing?


  • Explore Your Options  - Ask  about financing and negotiating options you might want to consider. Lowering the price is not the only option to get your home sold. There are a number of ways to sweeten the deal, and now is the time to think about what your strategy will be to promote a sale for the highest price in the least amount of time.


  •  Round up Receipts – Well-maintained major components of your home, such as the washer/dryer, air conditioner, furnace, etc., make excellent selling points. Gather up your receipts or repair invoices to show when and what kind of repair or maintenance work was done.


  •  Relax  - If you have done your homework (and if you are reading this article then you are!) you will reap the rewards of a solid strategy. Let us help you be successful at achieving your real estate goals. Selling homes in Davis is what we do best, so contact us today and……… Prepare To Be Moved!